Rome Empire War: Strategy Games v138 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)

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Rome Empire War: Strategy Games v138 (MOD APK) Spanning 2000 years of war history, build your own empire in Rome!

Command! Show off your extraordinary strategy to start an exciting journey of war games! In this war journey, Caesar, Scipio, Hannibal- legendary generals will fight for you! Rome, Samnium, Epirus, Carthage, etc., you can choose different forces in the strategy game!
Now, Recreate the glory of war, and the empire will rise for you!


「Various Legendary Generals」
Caesar, Scipio, Hannibal, Pyrrhus… Choose your legendary generals and create your own era!
「General growth」
Strategize through Combat, your generals will continue to evolve to gain superior abilities and show extraordinary dominance on the battlefield!
“Basic Skills”
Each champion has a multitude of skills and different skill combinations that can create amazing and unexpected effects! Secrets are waiting for you to discover!


「Variety Campaign」
Rome, Samnium, Epirus, Carthage. Many different choices will create a different history! Fight for the rise of Rome, or open another path, it all depends on your wise strategy. Write your own history and create a unique empire of glory!
「Return to Ancient War」
Punic Wars, Pyrrhic Wars, Samnite Wars… Ancient wars reappear with a whole new experience! You can not only enjoy the intense battles of ancient wars, but also feel the brilliance of history under different strategies! Everything is no longer destroyed! The ancient war will usher in new glory, do it with all the resources at your command!


「Unique Army」
Archers, cavalry, war elephants, ballistas, catapults, warships… A wide range of troops allows you to use a multitude of strategies in war games. Let the enemy surrender at your feet in the first place!
「Army growth」
A soldier who has been tested in battle will have extraordinary combat effectiveness! Hone your troops on the battlefield, they will upgrade. And then, the war situation may change!
「Army skill」
Tired of monotonously attacking each other? Don’t worry, your army will have different skills! Try to use your skills to take charge of the battlefield!


「Army balance」
Want to win with Less Get More? Want to launch a surprise attack on your enemies? All this will come true by your strategy! There are different attribute restrictions between pieces. And by properly using the mechanics, the next second you will be able to turn the tide and change the course of the battle!
「Topographic factor」
Plains, hills, mountains, oceans… Different terrains will bring unexpected changes to the battle! Choose to traverse the mountains and catch enemies by surprise, or attack head-on and defeat your opponents on the plains. Commander, choose your marching path now!
Remember this is a strategy game! Leading the army in the expedition will no longer be your only choice! Watchtowers, fortresses, walls, fences… Rome Offers a variety of fortifications and you can display countless war strategies! Fortify your city, defend against enemy attack, and then eliminate the enemy forces. The counter whistle will sound!

We will continue to fix bugs and improve the game version to give you a better war game experience. Please contact us:
Rome Empire War: Strategy Game

Rome Empire War: Strategy Games v138 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money) miễn phí. Link tải game ở cuối bài viết.

Rome Empire War: Strategy Game

Rome Empire War: Strategy Games v138 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Rome Empire War: Strategy Game
Rome Empire War: Strategy Game
Rome Empire War: Strategy Game
Rome Empire War: Strategy Game


unlimited money
Unlimited medals

Installation steps:

1. Delete playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

Download Rome Empire War: Strategy Games v138 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)

Rome Empire War: Strategy Games v138 (MOD APK) – DRIVE LINK

Rome Empire War: Strategy Games v138 (MOD APK) – FILE LINK

How to install OBB Files (Data)

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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