Portal Maze 2 game 3D aperture v4.6 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)

Game Portal Maze 2 aperture 3D


Portal Maze 2 3D Aperture v4.6 (MOD APK) Game Portal 2: Offline Free Games – A Spacetime Breaking Adventure

Another Portal application is a first person shooter maze and also a logic game Made for one or two players offline and online. The game mainly consists of a series of puzzles that must be solved by simply teleporting characters and objects using a 3d gun, a “planer breaker” calle, a device that can create installation portals. between two flat surfaces.

The most important character, I mean: you, must defeat the artificial intelligence called Maze. You can complete each puzzle. How? Use portal 2 weapon, clone gun, to complete all puzzles.

This is a unique physics game based on an action adventure game. You will teleport yourself through portals. Are you ready to complete all the levels and save the world?

Game rules: Create 2 portals to complete the levels

The game mechanics system focuses on jumper 3d, a handheld device that creates bridge portals on a flat surface, allowing you the power of teleportation to move the dimensions. Love the adventure of connecting visuals and physics between any 2 points in three-dimensional space.

If the two 2d gates are made by jumpers, meant to be linked together in different planes with weird effects on geometry and gravity, you won’t regret it.

Advanced in the game learn to use the specific effects of having two linked portals, controlling the areas where gravity works differently in those dimensions to your own advantage.

The way portals work, they keep the inertia of objects passing through them, but change the direction of their orbits depending on the surface they are placed on.

This way, the free fall motion can be transformed into a horizontal or parabolic throw, or whatever other combination you need to get through the level.

As a result, challenges often require imaginary movements to traverse long distances, turn a fall into a parabolic launch and reach incredible heights, or combine falls into a vertical launch.

Survival in a Stelar Aperture Science: The Other Portal 2 Vortex Gun

Easily, overcome a puzzle challenge, using the craft dimension portal in this platform game and offline adventure. In the first levels we will learn some logic challenges needed to complete the next puzzle levels.

Only 2 ports can be opened at the same time. If a new bridge gate is created, the buildings will replace the gun portal of the same color that was opened previously.

Be creative to solve puzzles, find your way to the next level. Take advantage of 3d Portal Puzzle widgets (gates, push buttons, push buttons, jump discs, buckets and more) use blocks to overcome watchtowers, acid ponds and laser barriers, solve puzzles Complicated quizzes and pass the test room safely.

Double space-time and defy all the laws of physics to overcome this sci-fi challenge in Portal 2 Gun!

Build portals wherever you want and easily teleport yourself to complete each level. Each jump chase portal has a color, you can enter any gate and exit another. Can you defeat the clone army?

One port is orange, the other is blue (and you can change their color!). Both are connected in 4th space, so you can move between them.

A port without Mods, original and featuring zombie minigames

Solve a series of puzzles using a special weapon to teleport you between built portals and earn points to customize your portals and weapons.

The Hero Zombie Portal Virus MOD: Use your special weapon to eliminate the zombie orbs that have pierced humanity, you won’t need to create a portal between locations and go through them. You will only have a single portal, which you will go to a blender, it is extremely addictive.

Are you ready for More Portal 2?
Game Portal Maze 2 aperture 3D
Game Portal Maze 2 aperture 3D
Game Portal Maze 2 aperture 3D
Game Portal Maze 2 aperture 3D
Game Portal Maze 2 aperture 3D
Game Portal Maze 2 aperture 3D


There are no ads and you can’t use up all the gold coins.

Download Portal Maze 2 game 3D aperture v4.6 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)

Game Portal Maze 2 3D Aperture v4.6 (MOD APK) – DRIVE LINK

Game Portal Maze 2 3D Aperture v4.6 (MOD APK) – FILE LINK

How to install Data

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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