Parkour Race Mod APK v1.9.2 (Unlocked All) for Android

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Overview of the game Parkour Race Mod APK

Do you know parkour? In Parkour Race Mod APK for android, the player is an expert in the field of running Parkour. Your task is to take advantage of the terrain in front such as buildings, barriers to create many beautiful acrobatic moves. Not only that, gamers need to try to win the top 1 in this challenging race. However, unlike Temple Run, you will reach the finish line in a certain distance.

parkour race mod apk

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You need to jump, slide, dodge and do everything to beat other opponents. Here, all players have a fair chance of winning as one wrong miss can cost you precious running moments. Even so, the controls are not as complicated as you might think. It just involves the usual swiping right, left, and up or down to control your character’s movements. The real challenge is timing your swipes so it corresponds to the right movements.

Simple gameplay

If you have played any mobile game before, you will be immediately familiar with the control scheme of Parkour Race Mod APK. Players just need to swipe up, down, left and right to be able to control their character. The hard part comes when you hit an obstacle. Here, you have to be quick and need to understand how to make the perfect move. The key here is to never stop running because if you do, you could lose valuable time being overtaken by your opponent.

Simple, friendly graphics

Parkour Race Mod APK is one of the games with simple but equally vivid graphics. There are not many complicated details as they aim for a minimalist design. This approach works well because the player only needs to focus on the obstacles in front of him. Adding unnecessary designs would be too much and would distract players. Overall, the character designs are well made and fit the overall aesthetic.

Many skins for you to choose

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Parkour Race Mod APK v1.9.2 (Unlocked All) for Android Free Download

Parkour Race Mod APK has more than 30 different costumes that you can explore. Each outfit is uniquely designed and some are special for certain songs. Players can then also collect symbols that they can use on their skins. They may include flags or special symbols. Finally, they can also collect special effects to make their runs more interesting. Show your creative side and grow.

Beautiful obstacles

The buildings and obstacles of Parkour Race Mod APK all contribute to a beautiful game. All elements are just right to complete the minimalist look while providing a unique gaming experience. Nothing stands out too much in the background so as not to distract the player. In contrast, the design of the obstacles and buildings is suitable for the player so they will immediately know how to deal with it. There are electric fences, ramps and all kinds of obstacles waiting for players in this game.

How to play effectively

Parkour is an extremely difficult and dangerous sport in real life. However, Parkour Race Mod APK makes it all a reality for those who want to experience it without the physical dangers it brings.

  • Use the ramps as much as you can – If you see ramps with yellow arrows there, they have speed bumps and allow you to fly for a short amount of time. Use them as much as possible to get ahead. They can be placed on the side of buildings or at the edges to give you that much needed boost.
  • Look ahead and calculate the path – Most newbies tend to just look at their character and immediate surroundings. But the pro Parkour Race Mod APK know that they need to look ahead to build a strategy on how to pass. In real life, parkour players plan their runs so they don’t make mistakes. The same concept applies here as well. To work smoothly, you need to plan your next move in advance.

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Game info

  • Full game name: Parkour Race – Freerun Game
  • Developed by: Madbox
  • Genre : Sports
  • Current version : 1.9.2 – latest
  • Requirements: Android 6.0 or higher
  • Size: 73 MB
  • Google Play :

Mod features

Game mod unlocks all items. Players can now choose their favorite characters to participate in Parkour against other professional opponents.

Download game Parkour Race Mod APK Latest for Android

Participate in freestyle races and win every opponent. Become the world’s top champion with this sport Parkour. Wishing everyone happy gaming.


How to install OBB Files (Data)

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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