Last Shelter Survival 2.0.1 Apk + MOD (Full) + Data for Android

Last survival in the asylum

Last survival in the asylum 2.0.1 Full Apk + Data for Android


-Commander! Many zombies arrive. The last refuge of man asks you for help!

[For Survival]

The zombie virus has spread everywhere. Humans are at high risk of becoming the walking dead. We must insure enough supplies to survive in the zombie world. As the dark night approaches, things get worse. As a commander, your primary responsibility is to shelter your people! Please lead the population of the refuge to survive. Fight the zombies and rebuild the home of humanity!

[Rebuild Shelter]

Survival is only the first step. You must rebuild your city again.
Roads are important for connecting cities
Urban planning is a smart strategy for the development of large cities. Plan the development of your city, taking into account the reasons for increasing the efficiency of its work. Let your wisdom shine!

[Searching for followers]

Rescue survivors from all over the world on a large world map. They will be your followers and will fight by your side! Create an alliance, rally forces to resist zombies together. Protect your allies from being plundered.

[Economic Trade]

In War Z World, supplies are the key to development. The Trade Helicopter will give you the opportunity to trade in supplies for free. Follow a well-thought-out strategy to recover supplies to get the resources you need to build and grow your city.

-Z The organization has received your SOS. The commander will be sent right away, wait!


New Season of X Heroes Coming Soon!

– New hero shooter, Glowing Blade: Helen, and main character, Collector: Edwin.

What’s new

– New item for the Special Plan. Can be used to switch between multiple ad hoc plans.
– New preset shaping privilege to save multiple preset patterns. A filter for Heroes has also been added.
– When building or researching, there will be a hint to see if there are enough resources in your bag.


  1. Install the “APK” on your device.
  2.“Folder” android / obbCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.

Last Shelter Survival Apk

Download APK MOD

How to install Data

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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