Mod Features: unlimited money

Last Pirate MOD APK v0.918 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Overview of the game Last Pirate MOD APK

The same experience of the survival game is quite good. In Last Pirate MOD APK unlimited money for android, the player is a captain during a voyage across the ocean. Your ship is attacked by other pirates. If there is only one army then it’s okay but they are too crowded still appear around us. The obvious result was the shipwreck.

After that incident, gamers are now lost on an uninhabited island. All you need to do now is find food and water to live every day. Some other survival games with quite the same style as Last Day on Earth MOD APK, Dark Day MOD APK you can also experience.

Last Pirate MOD APK

Last Pirate MOD APK v0.918 (Unlimited Money) for Android miễn phí. Link tải game ở cuối bài viết.

Fantasy world

Players are involved in the wild life in the vast forest and mountains. Last Pirate MOD APK has a lot of fresh fruit trees that everyone wants to eat. Many plants will poison you by the toxin in it. That’s why, not everything should be eaten by mouth. In the center of the forest, gamers witness many ancient works that have not been announced thousands of years ago. They have some mysterious power that is difficult to describe.

Last Pirate MOD APK Unlimited Money

Last Pirate MOD APK v0.918 (Unlimited Money) for Android Free Download

The war never end

We should be mentally prepared for the daily battle in Last Pirate MOD APK. This is an army of warriors from the afterlife that attack you relentlessly. They did not come to plunder, but to take down players. Therefore, gamers need to be ready to prepare the best weapons to fight. The white-skeleton army is a typical example, they are pirates who died but could not escape. Their damage and defense are quite weak, but do not be so subjective because you are very large.

Every location, every nook and cranny on the island of game is their locality at night. Fight to survive this challenge. After each attack, you receive a valuable reward such as a gun or a sword.

Download Last Pirate MOD APK Unlimited Money

Many secret positions

In the game, don’t trust everything you see along the way. Look out for areas with rocky alleys or cover a large area. They often have many valuable treasure chests that should not be missed. Monsters are always stalking you everywhere. Players should focus on these battles and collect valuable items from them.

Game info

  • Full name of game: Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure
  • Developed by: RetroStyle Games UA
  • Genre: Adventure, survival
  • Current version: 0.918 – latest
  • Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
  • Size : 159 MB
  • Google Play : com.RetrostyleGames.LastPirate.deadthieves

Mod features

Game mod unlimited money, you can buy all items from food and drinks to weapons to live on the island. If you start the game and you see money does not increase, don’t worry, it is because there is too much gold.

Download game Last Pirate MOD APK Latest for Android

Become a powerful pirate captain. Survive and survive on a desert island to have a chance to return to the sea. Wishing everyone happy gaming.


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