Idle Magic School v1.4.0 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)


Idle Magic School v1.4.0 (MOD APK) Have you ever dreamed of building your own magic school? Your dream will come true in this new idle magic game!

You will build and expand your own magic school in the mysterious magic forest, upgrade magic courses, unlock school scenes, enroll and help them graduate to become Dragon Knights!

Gameplay is very simple. Allocate your money wisely with different growth strategies on training muggles, managing dormitories and attracting elite wizards to bring fame to your magic school.

You have different tasks to solve. After completing the quest, you will receive the glory to expand your territory, such as the Water Country around the turbulent rivers and the students will not be disturbed by the outside. You can also upgrade the magic tree for fruit that can be used to level up the wizard’s star. In addition, activating the converter is necessary, as muggles need the witcher before they can learn magic. Last but not least, hiring new employees in stores will bring in more customers and make more money.

-Even if you don’t log in the game, your school will run automatically, generate offline revenue and build the best magic school in the world.
-Simulate real magical scenes and environments with amazing 3D animations and graphics!
-Full of different simulated business challenges.
-The magic shop continuously produces free coins. Remember to collect them.
-Various selection of majors, professors, magic tools and growth strategies.
-Explore your magic school in a fun way and get generous rewards and achievements!

Train the greatest magicians in history through the School of Magic!

Idle Magic School

Idle Magic School v1.4.0 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money) miễn phí. Link tải game ở cuối bài viết.

Idle Magic School

Idle Magic School v1.4.0 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Idle Magic School
Idle Magic School
Idle Magic School
Idle Magic School


May include more mods in the future, for now:
– Many holy water
– Adm purchased (Free Offline Revenue)
– No ad purchases (Free Boost)
– The cost of university publicity is 0
– Upgrade cost adjusted
– Build classes that increase your money. (This feature may be buggy, please send me a printout if the value is NOT NEGATIVE)


  • Free Shopping

Download Idle Magic School v1.4.0 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)

Idle Magic School v1.4.0 (MOD APK) – DRIVE LINK

Idle Magic School v1.4.0 (MOD APK) – FILE LINK

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