Head Soccer MOD APK v6.13.1 (unlimited money) for Android

head soccer mod apk unlimited money

Overview of the game Head Soccer MOD APK

Do you like football? In Head Soccer MOD APK Unlimited Money for android you will use your special ability to score goals. Football is one of the most popular sports all over the world, this sport is not shocking as it can bring people together while bringing together the competitiveness of both players and spectators. Defeat your opponents with deadly shoots like dragon, ice and light shoots and win the tournament. You can also match with friends or global users through gamecenter.

head soccer mod apk

Simple gameplay

The game can have easy-to-navigate controls and still have challenging and thrilling gameplay. In fact, you only have to deal with four controls: Move Left, Move Right, Kick and Jump. Every match is full of fun in Head Soccer MOD APK because you play the role of a striker and a goalkeeper at the same time. Each match is timed for 60 seconds, where you and your opponent will battle by scoring and defending your goalposts. Whoever scores the most goals after 60 seconds is the winner.

You ask what if the score is tied? You will then progress to a Sudden Death match, which will be much more exciting because whoever scores the first goal wins. You’ll also notice that the game is in 2D, which is perfect for maintaining the simplicity of the controls without affecting the quality of the game. In addition, you will find that the Head Soccer MOD APK graphics are still filled with amazing details.

There are many attractive modes

head soccer mod apk unlimited money

Head Soccer MOD APK has many great modes such as:

  • Arcade: Best for beginners. Practice here and start winning matches. Collect those easy points to boost your stats and gain Achievements to unlock original characters.
  • Tournament: You will go through several knockouts to get to the final round where the winner gets 1,700 points. Pro tip: a UFO may appear in the last round, hit that ball and your opponent will be instantly defeated. The goal is to finish first in three league divisions: Amateur, Light and Major. Your efforts will be well rewarded because in the end you can win more than 100,000 points.
  • Survival: The matches are harder and may never end, but winning here means getting more points and exclusive Head Soccer MOD APK.
  • Head Cup : It is quite a gamble here as you will pay 5,000 points to play. It’s also set up like the FIFA world cup where you progress through the group stage and the knockout round, so you can either lose those points or win 30,000 points if you finish in first place.
  • Death Mode: You have to play well to free the caged characters that you will see on your screen. Prepare for random unexpected obstacles that stun, freeze, electrify, and even kill your character.

Many powerful characters

Each character in Head Soccer MOD APK has a different power level, so you will be motivated to unlock everything. Power level is measured by the number of Stars a character has. Korea has 0.5 stars, but 5 stars is the highest level. Some characters also have special abilities. For example, Mon-K will double the points you earn in a match. In addition to unlocking characters, the game has a lot of customization options for both costumes and stat upgrades.

head soccer mod apk everything unlocked

Sometimes the CPU opponent’s outfit will be your prize from that match. If you only win points, don’t worry, because that’s exactly what you need to upgrade your stats. Upgrade costs start at 500 points and go up to 256,000 points. Each character in Head Soccer MOD APK has a unique Power Shot: Power Shot is a special attack. When used at the right time and hit at the right angle, it helps to score or win.

Some power shots are best for offense while others are great for defense. There are also different shooting angles and how they affect the opponent. You have to know which character’s strength to choose the right avatar that best suits the game mode you will be playing.

head soccer mod apk unlock all character and costume

Use the power shot wisely and choose the right time as it is not available for the entire match. Once the power bar is filled, which is a spark-shaped bar next to the flags at the top of the screen, a power button will appear next to the Kick button. Head Soccer MOD APK has a gameplay quite similar to Basketball Battle and Badminton League.

Game info

  • Full game name: Head Soccer
  • Developed by : D&D Dream
  • Genre : Sports
  • Current version : 6.13.1 – latest
  • Requirements: Android 2.3 and above
  • Size: 40 MB
  • Google Play : com.dnddream.headsoccer.android

Mod features

Game mod unlimited money. Players can unlock the most powerful skills and characters.

Download game Head Soccer MOD APK Latest for Android

Use special skills and batting tactics to be able to score the most perfect goal. Wishing everyone happy gaming.


Some types of MOD Unlimited Money such as: endless money, increase when buying, do not decrease when buying, buy everything even if the money is 0.

How to install Data

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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