GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE Jp v3.01.01 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)

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GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE Jp v3.01.01 (MOD APK) Run on the battlefield with the most powerful I Gunpla!
“Gundam Breaker” collect parts and create my own Gunpla and fight
Introducing a new smartphone app.

■ Create your own Gunpla!
Combine your favorite parts to create the world’s only Gunpla.
There are different Gunpla color presets and you can easily paint your favorite color just by choosing it.
In addition, the finished Gunpla can be shot in the photo studio.
Shoot in a variety of situations and poses, and dazzle the proud plane with the SNS posting function.

■ Simple operation and flashy Gunpla action!
Launch into the battlefield with a well-assembled Gunpla.
Many operations can be performed with simple and intuitive operations only available on smartphones.
In addition, it comes with an autoplay function only for smartphone apps.
You can comfortably play whenever you are busy or at leisure.

■ Gunpla Academy Original Story of “Gundam x Youth”
With original mechanics designed by Kunio Okawara and Akira Yasuda
An original character drawn by Mr. Taiki rotates
An original Gunpla school story is only here.
In addition, the opening montage of the gem that Masami Obari worked on on the storyboard is also included.

“Target! The winner of the Gunpla alliance battle!”

Through the battle of Gunpla, there are encounters, partings, and conflicts.
Check out the Gunpla school original story.

[Gundam Breaker Mobile is recommended for these people! ]

“Gundam fans have no eyes on the Gundam series!”
・ I like the Gundam series mechanic, characters and story.
・ I want a fighting game in which the mechanic and the characters of the Gundam series appear.
・Looking for a popular game in which Gundam fights
・ I want to play a Gundam game where main characters like Amuro animate the Gundam battle with a character cut.
・ I want to recreate the confrontation between Federation and Zeon in the Global Century in a Gundam game.
・ I want to enjoy a fighting game with familiar characters like Amuro and Char in the Gundam game.
・ I am looking for a fighting game with Gundam app that allows me to enjoy my favorite Gundam world.

“Gunpla fans, Gunpla fans!”
・ I love customizing and watching Gunpla
・ I like Gunpla, so I want to customize and move Gunpla freely.
・ I want to move the mobile suits that I have collected in Gunpla using the online game.
・ I want to easily customize Gunpla with my smartphone and enjoy it.
・ I want to experience custom parts and paint Gunpla with one hand.
・Among Gundam games, I want to play a game based on the Gunpla concept.
・ I want to enjoy Gunpla made by me in various poses and settings.

“People who like Gundam action games!”
・ I want to move the Gundam freely and join the battle
・ I want to enjoy Gundam action battle with a flashy product
・ I’m looking for a game where you can enjoy action battles more easily than games that require strategy.
・ I want to put Gundam into a full 3D action battle
・I want to enjoy an action fighting game that uses Gundam
・ I want to play a Gundam action game where robots fight each other, not a game where people fight in real life.

“People who like engaging stories and characters!”
・ I want to read and enjoy a readable story
・I want to read a story with attractive characters
・I want to enjoy a youth story about school and club activities
・ I want to experience the story from the protagonist’s point of view
・I want to read a limited edition Gunpla story that can only be found here
・ I like the stories of the Gundam and Gunpla series, and I definitely want to see the original stories.

[Operating environment and other inquiries]
* Be sure to use this app in the operating environment described in the link above. In addition, the movement
Even if you use it in a production environment, the application depends on your usage state and model-specific factors.
May not work properly.

© Sotsu / Sunrise © Sotsu / Sunrise / MBS

This application is distributed with the official permission of the right holder.ガ ン ダ ム ブ レ イ カ ー モ バ イ ル

GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE Jp v3.01.01 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money) miễn phí. Link tải game ở cuối bài viết.

ガ ン ダ ム ブ レ イ カ ー モ バ イ ル

GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE Jp v3.01.01 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money) Free Download

ガ ン ダ ム ブ レ イ カ ー モ バ イ ル
ガ ン ダ ム ブ レ イ カ ー モ バ イ ル
ガ ン ダ ム ブ レ イ カ ー モ バ イ ル
ガ ン ダ ム ブ レ イ カ ー モ バ イ ル


mod menu
auto win
Unlimited skills

Note: use vpn app if game loading slow or not loading

Installation steps:

1. Delete playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

Download GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE Jp v3.01.01 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)



How to install OBB Files (Data)

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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