Grow Turret MOD APK v7.7.3 (Free Purchased) Latest for Android


Name Grow Turret
Genre Casual
Size 31 Mb
Latest version 7.7.3
MOD HIGH DAMAGE, Free Purchased
Google Play com.pixelstar.GrowTurret

Build, arrange different squads according to your preferences and fight to defeat the enemies in the game. Grow Turret MOD APK will bring you a lot of fun. Create yourself as many squads as you like, you will have enjoyable relaxing moments when experiencing the game.

When aliens invade the earth, you are tasked with building a military base to fight the invading aliens. You are one of millions of bases, billions of soldiers participating in the defense of the Earth. To fight enemies from space, you must build fortresses, watchtowers to destroy the aliens when approaching your base.

Start the game when your base is simple. You are defaulted to a cannon with just enough damage to destroy the enemy. Your base is divided into 25 squares, corresponding to up to 25 fortresses as well as guns to attack.

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Grow Turret MOD APK v7.7.3 (Free Purchased) Latest for Android miễn phí. Link tải game ở cuối bài viết.

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Grow Turret MOD APK v7.7.3 (Free Purchased) Latest for Android Free Download

Perfect tactic

You must locate the fortress to destroy the aliens; You cannot let them into your base. If they survive the barges of the fortress you built, you will be defeated. Conversely, when you kill all enemies, you will receive gold to upgrade and build your fortress. If you like the tactical shooter genre, try War Machines.

The rules of Grow Turret MOD APK are quite simple; You can rest assured if you are afraid of not understanding how to play. To play this game, you also do not spend too much time and manipulation to play. The adjustment and placement of fortresses and guns are done very quickly, and the operation is easy and convenient. In the game, you can freely craft and collect countless guns, fortresses, and weapons to destroy the aliens. The game’s very diverse weapon system makes their skills also different and very interesting.

Defeat the enemy

Build as many efficient fortresses as possible. Besides, you can also build cars to search and destroy aliens instead of waiting for them to attack us. If you are unlucky or err on the side of failure, don’t worry. When you return, you will gain strength from more fortresses as well as experience from previous defeats.

Each stage of Grow Turret MOD APK is a long journey; You will encounter enemies from weak to strong over time. And finally the boss of that stage, defeating the boss is the defense of your base has been successful. Don’t worry too much about strong enemies later because when you kill the enemy first, you’ve earned a lot of gold; Use this gold effectively to upgrade and build your base.

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Nice graphics

About the game’s graphics, Grow Turret MOD APK is a really successful developer. Beautiful interface, suitable for all ages. Although it is a shooting game genre, it does not cause violence, suitable for all ages from 7 to 15 years old. The game is relatively easy to play, not too difficult to try. The sound of the game being reverberated adds to the thrill of the battle.

Try to build yourself a solid castle and fight to protect the cause with Grow Turret MOD APK. With the entertainment as well as the benefits that the game brings to players, what are you waiting for without downloading the game to your computer to experience? You will be satisfied with the first play in the battles in the game.

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