Grand Theft Auto III MOD APK v1.8 (Unlimited Money) for Android

grand theft auto iii mod apk

Grand Theft Auto III MOD APK Overview

Do you like open world gangster games? Grand Theft Auto III mod apk unlimited money for android is one of the hottest hit games ever on Google Play. The game is also a bit like MadOut2 Mod but many more different things.

If you’ve ever played GTA 3 on PC with Claude and the 8-ball gang. In Grand Theft Auto III mod apk you control your main character to participate in rescuing other gangs. Previously he was betrayed and arrested. Do important task in the game and find that person for revenge.

Grand Theft Auto III MOD APK

Big open world

Explore the many corners of the city and meet its residents in Grand Theft Auto III mod apk. You can do whatever you want such as robbing, fighting or racing at high speed as you like without fear of anyone. But note that there are also police officers who will arrest you if you see you acting illegally. Can you see the icons on the mini map? That is the place to shop or equip the character.

For example, the pistol logo, this is a place for sale of weapons that are licensed for use. However, it is not allowed to open fire in it or else the character will gain a star. As you know in Grand Theft Auto III mod apk this star is not an honorable award, but it is the wanted level. After reaching 5 stars, then the police and SWAT task force will visit you.

Grand Theft Auto III mod apk unlimited money

The plot system is full of attractions

After being betrayed, Claude now is very hard to trust anyone. Therefore, you will find that most characters often act alone and do not need the help of anyone. One part is for freedom of accomplishment and the other is a dislike of having to carry the responsibilities of a teammate on his shoulder (actually, it’s because his teammates are so heavy). Usually your task is to solve the spikes in the eye of the 8-ball gang. There is also a battle between many different gangs for management place.

After each mission, Grand Theft Auto III mod apk offers a bonus level that matches the difficulty of that mission. To get more money do side quests because they are short so it is very fast. Participate in events on the map such as motorbike racing, motorbike racing or skydiving for rewards. Did you find the characters engaging in a conversation? The game is voiced by many participants with the script and specific content creating inspiration for players.

Grand Theft Auto III mod tiền không giới hạn cho android

Nice 3D graphics

Arguably one of the best games on Google Play, the graphics are indispensable. Grand Theft Auto III mod apk has the same 3D graphics as the PC version. The characters’ expressions are clearly shown through each action in each interaction. In addition, the game also supports Gamepad controller for our gamers to experience better. There are different types of super cars full of different colors that are quite shiny and eye-catching.

GTA 3 has a variety of weapons and equipment

Not only nice graphics and good story, Grand Theft Auto III mod apk also has a lot of weapons inspired by many different countries. Which gun do you like for your adventure? Personally, I like Bazooka or the name we call a mortar because it shoots quite far and is extremely strong. It can take down any target with just 1 bullet.

Grand Theft Auto III mod tiền mới nhất

Game info

  • Full name : Grand Theft Auto III – GTA 3
  • Developed by : Rockstar Games
  • Genre : Action, Open World, Shooter
  • Current version: 1.8 – latest
  • Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
  • Size : 12 + 670 MB (data)
  • Google Play : com.rockstar.gta3

Mod feature

You will have to buy it to play but with this mod it is not necessary. The game has been mod full paid and unlimited money, your character can now buy weapon equipment and favorite super cars.

Download game Grand Theft Auto III MOD APK Latest For Android

This is one of the childhood games I played, hopefully it will interest you.

After installing the game (apk file), extract the data to Android / Obb if you see the com.rockstar.gta3 folder is successful. Wishing everyone happy gaming.



How to install Data

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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