D-MEN:The Defenders v2.0.301 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)

D-MEN : The Defenders


D-MEN : The Defenders v2.0.301 (MOD APK) Choose and assemble the ultimate team of legendary heroes to defend the earth from invasion. This newly improved game combines the best parts of collecting your favorite heroes, while upgrading their skills and abilities, and defeating waves of enemies that come to destroy the house. your!

Welcome to D-MEN : The Defenders!

New system
Long before there were humans on earth, giants and gods clashed for control of the Realms. To protect the inhabitants of each kingdom, the most powerful of all gods sealed the passage to each world. A millennium has passed since then and the seal was broken by Hela herself! It’s time to protect not only your world but that of all beings in all realms!

Standard Features

Improve, Adapt and Fight
Choose from a variety of legendary heroes to fight the forces of evil. Your team will work even while you are sleeping. Only a few minutes to play each day, don’t worry! Your heroes will constantly defend the world, and when you log back in, you can gather the resources they collect, while upgrading your abilities, equipment, and expanding your team! Unlimited possibilities!

Defense Tower
A new spin on the classic tower defense game! Balance your different hero classes as you deploy them on the battlefield. Prepare your battle strategies using your hero’s special abilities to protect your world!

Collect legendary heroes
Gather your heroes from four different factions, each of them with unique abilities, skills, and attributes. The more heroes you have, the more flexible your team is!

Role-playing strategy
Find and improve the right combination of heroes to use in both PVE and PVP. Matching the right team for the task will produce very different results! Share your strategy and find recommendations from your teammates to see who can build the strongest team!

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D-MEN : The Defenders
D-MEN : The Defenders
D-MEN : The Defenders
D-MEN : The Defenders
D-MEN : The Defenders
D-MEN : The Defenders


Download D-MEN:The Defenders v2.0.301 (MOD APK) (Unlimited Money)


D-MEN : The Defenders v2.0.301 (MOD APK) – FOR UPLOADED

D-MEN : The Defenders v2.0.301 (MOD APK) – DRIVE LINK

How to install Data

1.) Install APK MOD

2.) Extract DATA to Android/Obb Folder

3.) Enjoy the game!

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